Sean, I just wanted to say Thank You and share with you how much I loved your website package templates (privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms & conditions). I recently launched my website and I am amazed at how easy it was to modify the templates to include my information and then copy and paste them on to my website. As a new online business owner, I am so happy I came across your templates and learned about your services!

Nancy Gallegos

Business Coach, Nancy Gallegos Coaching

I hired Sean to file my trademark application. Sean will guide you through all the little steps and procedures and help you figure everything out. I highly recommend you work with Sean!

Jason Rash

Digital Marketer, The Social Celebrity®

I approached Sean to help me come up with a contract for my mindfulness coaching practice. He ended up crafting a custom template tailored to my business model. The experience was effortless on my part. After asking me about my business and gathering all of the relevant details, he delivered the template swiftly. With a few additional no fuss tweaks from him, I had just what I needed to make sure I was covered, and more importantly, that I can deliver to my clients a contract that they can actually read and understand! Sean is a very calm and compassionate man and he took the time to make sure I didn’t feel overwhelmed by any legal jargon. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Lyndsey Burton

Holistic Business Coach