Are  You  a  Web-Based  Business  Owner?

Then Let Me Show You How to Get Your Business Legally Safeguarded for a Fraction of the Cost An Attorney Would Charge.

Whether it’s Registering Trademarks or Copyrights, Incorporating or Filing as an LLC, or Writing Your Own Client Agreements, YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF, And I’m Here to Show You How.

You don’t have to operate your online business in fear of getting in trouble with the law because you can’t afford to hire a lawyer.

You can have rock-solid client agreements, terms and conditions the average Joe can understand, and a privacy policy that won’t come back to bite you in the bum, all without breaking your budget.

You can get your brand name protected and your e-book copyrighted, and you can do most of it yourself, of course with a tiny dose of just the right guidance.

I  get  it,  this  must  seem  like  a  dream.

I mean, after all, the law is so mysterious and scary, RIGHT!?! How could any of that be possible without hiring a hot shot attorney to make it all happen.

Here at DIYtheLAW it’s our mission to demystify the law for online entrepreneurs just like you so that you can operate your business with peace of mind while also saving your precious dollars for that laundry list of business expenses that just keeps growing.

To help you sleep easy at night and make your business run like a well-oiled machine, we offer:

It’s time to lessen the burden on your wallet and run your business without fear.

Check out our DIYtheLAW Online Store to see how you can simplify your biz life.



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